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TMIL: Basic JS "Hello World"


This month in TMIL (This Month I've learned) I want to share with you the outcome I produced from reviewing the fundamentals module of Epic React: Basic JS "Hello World":

  • 📓 Notes: Some annotations, discoveries or thoughts while going through this module.
  • 📚 Resources: Interesting articles / documentation / repositories I took a deep look into while going through this module.
  • 💡🗒 Blog ideas: Ideas to blog posts I had while going through this module. To explain these concepts with my own words will consolidate my JS/web/React knowledge and I will train my writing skills at the same time.

This blog post pretends to be used as a personal knowledge database but, at the same time, it would be awesome if somebody else can learn something from it. Enjoy!


<script type="module">: The good news is that modern browsers have started to support module functionality natively, and this is what this article is all about. This can only be a good thing — browsers can optimize loading of modules, making it more efficient than having to use a library and do all of that extra client-side processing and extra round trips.


Here are some good articles/documentation entries I took a look into while going through this exercise. It refreshed and complemented my knowledge about the how the Browser works with HTML and how JavaScript modules work.

Blog ideas

Here are some ideas I got as potential blog posts: