Now (August 2023)

This page was inspired by Gergely Orosz and Derek Sivers now pages*.

Here's what I'm doing now:

You can see what I was doing previously here.

🎓 Now I'm learning


At Mainmatter, I’m deep diving into Svelte while working on a client project. Despite its popularity, this is my first real exposure to the framework, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the process.

Courses I'm tackling:


In my previous job at Marfeel I did not have the chance to learn and play with React as much as I would have liked. In my current job at Mainmatter I had the chance to work on a project built in React. Right now, I'm working on another internal project using Remix, a React framework.

Courses I've handpicked:

Balancing hands-on work with structured learning can be challenging, especially when project timelines are tight. Still, I believe it's essential to get the basics right. I've shared reflections and insights from this learning journey on my blog.

If you are curious about my progress and submitted solutions to the exercises, you can see them here

👨🏽‍💻 Open Source and Personal Projects


Octokit is the official client that can be used to send requests to GitHub's REST API and queries to GitHub's GraphQL API.

Its ecosystem is organized in multiple repositories under GitHub, which includes a plugin system with different plugins you can plug to your Octokit instance.

During this month, I've been working on some maintenance tasks for Octokit repositories regarding its CI system. You can find details on my contributions here.

What's coming next?

You can find the next contributions or personal projects I'm planning in my GitHub Project Board

📚 Now I’m reading

Graphic Novel

Personal Development


🍿 Now I'm watching


🎮 Now I'm playing


  • ⚽ Fifa 23 (2022) 🇺🇸

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